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if i had a dollar for every time an adult asked me about college then i’d have enough money to pay for college

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I love when cats decide they love something.

That is a very patient bunny.

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You saw it ladies and gentleman, proof. 

wake up america

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My Mom just accidentally prematurely sent an email to an accounting firm… It was supposed to say ‘I am afraid that we will have to postpone our meeting”

but she hit send when all it said was

Hi Jeffrey,
      I am afraid

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Free PDF Books on race, gender, sexuality, class, and culture


Friendly reminder that anti-black hate crimes make up over 50-66% of racially motivated hate crimes also reminder that anti-Jewish hate crimes make up 62% of religiously motivated hate crimes.

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Anonymous asked: what do you think about webcam models? it is still porn, and porn is terrible, but at least with webcaming you know the women in it is consenting and doing it on her own will and stuff. like its still bad, but if anything, a drop better?



hmmm, i’ve never gotten an ask like this before. i’m hesitant to call it “better” than outright pornography (and on the flip side i won’t be attaching “worse” to it either). i do think it falls under the heading of “sex worker” though.

it’s just…different. it’s a different medium through which pornography expresses itself. is it normally as violent as videos scattered through porntube and the rest of the internet? not that i’ve seen, but it definitely has the potential to be just as violent, depending on who is asking the model to do what with herself, and how much money they’re paying her.

and that’s why i would put it under the label “bad” in a sense (“bad” as in, feeding into this gross, misogynistic pornified culture we live in) because there is still that “demand” for sex, which is overwhelmingly comprised of gross men who believe they have the right to consume someone else’s body if the price is right and the person “consents.”

the thing about consent, however, is that the concept is EXTREMELY bastardized in liberal feminist settings. while consent is necessary and i will always believe that consent is necessary in all encounters…just because something consensual, doesn’t mean it gets a free pass from me. consent does not exist in a vacuum. i do not believe that any encounter where one person has power over the other (especially in a sexual situation, where women are already disenfranchised) can ever be truly consensual, at least in the same way that liberal feminists believe it can. money is power in this situation. when a man (who already has a hell of a lot of male privilege) leverages money into the situation, and a woman NEEDS that money and has way less than him, that is an unequal power dynamic. one person has everything to gain, and the other person has nothing left to lose, because he’s a man and he’s gross in the first place.

how do you KNOW that “the women in it is consenting and doing it on her own will and stuff?” you don’t know that, you could never know that for sure, just as you don’t know whether or not the porn video you’re watching is truly consensual. while a clear, concise, and continuous “yes” is always important to obtain in any sexual setting, how is a “yes” truly a “yes” when, let’s say, webcamming is your only source of income and the rent is due in 2 days and you need money to buy your child his formula, or his diapers, or even just to simply feed the two of you? is that “yes” the same type of “yes” that it would be if your rent was completely taken care of for the month (or the next 2 months, or 3 months or so on) and your fridge was filled to the brim with food? no, it’s not the same kind of yes.

is that “yes” still important? of course. is it still necessary? absolutely. but that “yes” needs to be analyzed, because consent is a lot more than just “yes” or “no” because unfortunately, power dynamics still exist…especially when it comes to sex work. there is a difference between sex work by force, by choice, and by necessity and those lines aren’t always drawn in the sand as clearly as we’d like them to be. while there are many able bodied, middle class, white women who webcam because they do have what society considers to be a “nice” or “hot” body naturally and because they want to do something sexy or fun or “easy,” there are just as many people who AREN’T able bodied, or middle class etc who DO need to utilize that job for a lot more than just being able to say they do something “sexy” for fun on the weekends or when they’re bored. for many women, webcamming is a more accessible field to jump into then becoming the world’s next asa akira and finding their way into mainstream pornography.

but is it better? is it worse? that’s not really for me to say exactly. but i will say i analyze it just as critically as anything else, which includes taking the concept of “consent” and placing it within a bigger framework that takes things like supply and demand and coercion into consideration, among other things.

i do believe, however, that it does end up hurting women as a class in the end, even if she’s doing it “on her own will.” idk if this answer satisfies your question cuz i just woke up and i’m like really tired lol, so feel free to send more asks in, as well as anyone else who wants to (respectfully) weigh in on this conversation.

just a little bit off topic, but MFC used to have an “asian” branch where a huge chunk of the girls were probably not consenting to the actions they were carrying out (in fact, it was a “thing” back in the day where you could hear foreign johns and studios speaking off screen.) they finally got rid of it because they were put on blast and probably getting into legal troubles, but foreign girls still cam.

i find that the only people who are generally happy in the sex industry are american, middle class, conventionally attractive women. those are also the only ones i would feel semi-safe watching, because there is a lower chance they are being forced into it (compared to a romanian girl potentially being forced by a john or a studio for example.)

it’s one thing that bothers me about newer, middle class cam models coming into the scene and acting like it’s all safe and all vanilla. back in the day it was 100% common knowledge that a lot of these foreign models were the result of human trafficking (it’s why they did stuff that others considered was “gross” or against the rules.) people back in the day saw a lot of men on camera (against the rules), children on camera (also against the rules), models camming from very “poor” looking regions (sometimes even outside), committing sexual acts with animals, sticking bottles up their vaginas, piss/scat/blood play, etc. this was all 100% common knowledge. this was all unmonitored for a really long time and REALLY popular with members (males who watched MFC.)

people seem to overlook how EASY it is for women in foreign countries to get involved in this stuff. here in america you guys have free internet access, webcams are cheap, you can literally buy a computer for $150, a webcam for $10 and just upgrade when you start making money. but those girls over there, the financial situation and the poverty is often too much so they are forced to sign up with strange men or studios which always ends up going badly. it’s very akin to the situation with the danish(? i think) “loverboys” - where these men promise riches and fame and these girls believe it, they get into the job and then their life style becomes progressively worse as the men introduce drugs, alcohol, abuse and other ways for the girls to rely on them - especially withholding money. so while for westerners the definition of a “studio” sounds pretty tame and just a minor inconvenience, in the east it’s a completely different ball game, and it’s one of the major sources of sex worker abuse.

not only that, but laws in this country are so lax, and american/western webcam companies literally do not give a shit. what i mean is that it’s very easy for a studio to set up multiple girls under the same idea, and have there be underaged girls working like that too. it’s notoriously easy since american webcam companies probably think “they all look the same anyway” (russian girls too, they switch them out on one account all the time.) which is sad and wrong. they’ve started using passports in recent times because it was such a huge deal. that and a lot of different ids. but the administration still prefers to take a relaxed approach for w/e reason.

this is a good post tho.



when someone finally follows u back


you turn into a racist? 

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